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Consign With us,Consignor will receive a notification email from JPLIFE when pricing is
uploaded into Consignor’s account portal for review.
Consignor will have 2DAYS from the notification email to request updates or return of items unapproved.
The online portal account will set forth a list of the Presented Items, the initial selling List Price of
each such Presented Item and for any Presented Items with an initial List Price AND
the Firm Minimum Net Selling Price, if requested by Consignor, at the time of the Receipt.

Anti-fraud policy
JPLIFE reserves the right to take action against any seller or buyer that we determine has acted maliciously
or fraudulently against JPLIFE or any user of the platform. Any seller who has misrepresented an item
on JPLIFE, or is in violation of any Terms of Use, determined at our discretion,
may have their JPLIFE access revoked and related earnings withheld.
We reserve the right to extract funds from your JPLIFE account or charge any payment source on file
in order to recover any balance due to JPLIFE.If JPLIFE determines at any time that a Presented Item
is stolen or counterfeit, JPLIFE will provide notice to return item and charge $200NZD for authentication.
In extreme cases of fraud, there may be additional fines, fees, and/or legal action taken under law.

Upon acceptance of a Presented Item, JPLIFE will display it in stores and/or online and will make commercially
reasonable efforts to sell such Presented Item. JPLIFE reserves the right to run promotions on its
in its retail stores, the List Price for each Presented Item will be set by JPLIFE,
and may be changed from time to time by JPLIFE in its sole and absolute discretion without notice to Consignor,
and in other selling venues as part of its ongoing sales efforts; provided,
however, that if any Presented Item is sold for less than the Firm Minimum Net Selling Price as provided
in the Receipt, as applicable and during the first 60 days following the Receipt, Consignor shall receive
the Commission calculated based on the Firm Minimum Net Selling Price provided in the Receipt.

The consignment period is 8 weeks, early termination will incur full amount of consignment commission charge.
At the end of 8 weeks, unsold items can be collected by consignor with free of charge.

The laws of New Zealand shall govern this Agreement, excluding any conflict of laws rules.
The parties each agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in courts located in New Zealand,
the resolution of any dispute arising out of or in any way relating to this Agreement and submit to
personal jurisdiction and venue in those courts for purposes of any such action.