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Return And Refund Policy

Return Policy for Buyers

Submit a return request
Return any item you’ve purchased on JPLIFE and have not used or worn (except items marked Final Sale) for JPLIFE Site Credit.
You must file a Return Request within 2 days of delivery.

If the item you received was sold as inauthentic you may file a Misrepresentation Claim to request a full refund.
For items not eligible for return,you can relist on JPLIFE and sell the item to another buyer.

( We value transparency and honesty – that’s why you’ll find our listings thoroughly describe and
show the item’s condition on our website or in work shop.

Will I get site credit or a refund?
Receive a full refund to your original payment source if…
We conclude after reviewing your Misrepresentation Claim that sold as inauthentic item.

Receive JPLIFE Site Credit if…
You are dissatisfied with the item for any reason; such as the style,
fit or just changing your mind, unless the item is marked Final Sale.-or-
JPLIFE finds during review of your Misrepresentation Claim that the item is authentic at the time of sale.)

Ship to JPLIFE
Please take your item Ship OR drop off to our work shop. Returns must be received at JPLIFE
headquarters within 3 days of your return request. Ineligible returns will be sent back to you.

Get JPLIFE Site Credit
Your return will be processed and inspected within 5 days of delivery to JPLIFE(usually much sooner),
and you’ll be notified via email when your JPLIFE Site Credit is available.
Use it to buy something new to love!

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns on items if you change your mind.
However, if you change your mind on an item, the item will be considered for our Site Credit Program (if eligible).

Return Policy for Sellers

We process returns and pay for shipping — so you don’t have to
Re-list returned items in just seconds
When a buyer returns your item for any reason, we will ship it back to you.
You won’t receive any earnings, but your item will be returned in the same condition
and you can quickly re-list it for another buyer to love.
In fact, 80% of returned items sell a second time!

Seller shipping address policy
Any returned item purchased on JPLIFE will be sent back to the Seller’s designated shipping address.
If the shipping address listed in your account is outdated or incorrect, however,
and you have not responded to JPLIFE’s attempts to reach you via the email address listed in your account,
after a period of 14 days the item will be deemed abandoned and may be donated to a charity of JPLIFE’s choice.

Anti-fraud policy
JPLIFE reserves the right to take action against any seller or buyer that we determine has acted maliciously
or fraudulently against JPLIFE or any user of the platform. Any seller who has misrepresented an item
on JPLIFE, or is in violation of any Terms of Use, determined at our discretion,
may have their JPLIFE access revoked and related earnings withheld.
We reserve the right to extract funds from your JPLIFE account or charge any payment source on file
in order to recover any balance due to JPLIFE. In extreme cases of fraud,
there may be additional fines, fees, and/or legal action taken under law.